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August 28, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Reference letter--Able J Resources.

I have known C. Benjamin Anyacho, for over six years.  He serves as the president and founder of Able J Resources and as Executive Director of Apostolic Bridge Builders (ABB). Over the course of the years that I’ve known him, we have planned a number of regional events that had regional impact for the Christian community of Austin.  Because of my association with him, I can say that he is an effective people-oriented leader with unquestionable integrity. Benjamin is a caring, compassionate but business-minded professional.  He holds an MBA with concentration in Global Business from St. Edward’s University, Austin. In addition, he has worked tirelessly for the last eight years, to bring together hundreds of diverse leaders from all across Texas for collaboration and strategic partnership towards community and regional transformation.  Accordingly, I have no hesitation in recommending Able J Resources (Employee Assistance Program & Marketplace Chaplains) as a company who can effectively provide human resource consultation and support to management and employees.

Because I am a serial entrepreneur who has started up, grown, operated and sold several businesses over a thirty year business career, I understand the complexity involved in properly stewarding the assets of a business organization. In my experience, the human assets of the organization are the most valuable and require the most time and energy from leadership. Most CEO’s intuitively understand the value of their people and by extension their families and truly care for and about them.  In my own experience serving, coaching and leading the approximately one hundred employees in my company required a large percentage of my time and energy. I found that in order to be competitive in my industry, I had to attract and retain good people.  In order to attract and retain good people, my company needed to provide a benefit package that was rich and affordable. It became increasingly important to find employee benefits that were low cost to the company but were perceived by employees as having a high value. I believe that a chaplaincy program would accomplish that objective and fill a spiritual need in our business culture that is desperate to be filled. Employees want to be considered part of the family and want to know that they are needed and valuable. A chaplaincy program that provides encouragement through the life events and the circumstances of our employees lives (child rearing issues, marriage issues, financial issues, etc.) would communicate to our employees the care that we know and have in our hearts but are not particularly skilled at sharing.  I also firmly believe that a chaplaincy program could be easily substituted in place of a traditional employee assistance plan (EAP). The ability of a “company chaplain” to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of a business family (our employees and their families) and would be much more personal and effective than a traditional EAP and would be cost competitive.  

Benjamin has demonstrated to me that he is an exceptional reconciler, strategist, collaborator and caring servant leader. In my opinion, he is the perfect model of a workplace chaplain for any business who understands the connection between well adjusted and emotionally fulfilled people and the operation of a profitable business. Benjamin is a highly dedicated professional who knows how to motivate people to strive for excellence in the face of difficult personal circumstances.  I would welcome the opportunity to talk to you directly about my association with Benjamin Anyacho as he would be an asset to any organization where personal characteristics of, discipline, honor, integrity, loyalty, patience and faith would be of value.  My personal cell phone number is 512- 422-5249. You can call me directly at any time.





Michael R. Macari

General Partner

First Kingdom Investment Group, L.P.