AUG. 3 & 4, 2004

Christian leaders including Pastors, marketplace ministers and several
veteran city-reachers with city-sized and kingdom-centered vision from cities
across Texas met in Austin to pray and discuss together how “the whole
Church can work together in showing and telling the whole Gospel to the
whole City and beyond.”

This two-day conference was held on Tuesday, Aug 3, 2004: 2:00 p.m.— 9:00 p.
m. at Austin Baptist Association 1016 E. 38½ Street, Austin, TX.  There was a
special Luncheon with elected officials on Tue. @ 11:00 AM

This roundtable context brought together diverse leaders to have
conversations that increase trust which invariably leads to outreach-focused
partnerships and collaborations. We heard incredible strategies and what God
is doing now at different stations as “Iron sharpened iron.” About 65
Churches, ministries & marketplace organizations were represented. Ninety-
six people from different racial groups and denominations/churches were

Our presenters deserve a thumbs up!
*Rev. Phil Miglioratti, Mission America City Impact Roundtable National
Convener was the conference facilitator.

*Pastor Gerald Ripley, Chairman of The Gathering of Pastors and Leaders in
San Antonio.

*Justin Christopher, Director Campus Renewal Ministries at UT Austin.

*Rev. Patrick J. Huck, Daystar TV Network Global Distribution & Data
Services Director, Dallas, TX.

*The Honorable Edna Staudt, Justice of the Peace Williamson County Pct 2
*Curtis Simpson, the Chairman and CEO of K4C Holdings, LLC.
*Ron Harris, Board Chairman of Community New Start
*Laurie Sampson, Director of Outreach for North America and Africa for
OPERATION: Share the Word SM
*Pastor Jackson Senyonga, Kampala Uganda
*Kim Friez, Intimate Life Ministries
All these might men and women of God did an exceptional job in bringing so
much “divine electricity” to the roundtable.
The 20-man statewide planning committee’s indefatigableness deserves

Among others present were: Mayor of Cedar Park, Mayor Bob Young; Evelyn
Davidson of Good News Journal and National Day of Prayer; Mr. Chandler,
school superintendent; publishers; leaders of pastors groups; prayer leaders;
senior pastors/bishop; social workers, evangelists, church-planters, to mention
a few.

A conference call is planned for September 7, 2004 to further the continuity of
that current that began to flow at the CIR.
We shall have veteran city-reachers from different Cities in TX share what
God is doing in their Cities/stations that calls for our corporate prayers,
attention and participation or collaboration. Awakening is happening all across
TX and we all need to collaborate with what God is doing because we all need
each other.
We have plans to have this call aired live by different radio stations across TX
as we progress. Can you help?
What is God doing in your City and station? Share it with others and we shall
be encouraged and built up together to reach our whole City with the whole

Post conference Evaluation
We have had the Convening Team’s debriefing. Details shall be posted at www. Your personal evaluation shall be highly
appreciated. This will in no doubt enhance sustainability and measurability of

Need conference 2-hour Videotapes and Transcript? It’s $20.
We are having the conference video recording and the transcript ready. It's
receiving a professional touch. If you need one:
1. Send email immediately to us.
2. Send check to Austin Baptist Association indicating that it’s for CIR
conference tape/transcript.
3. Any other donations to support these endeavors should be designated
Once again, thank you and see you at the conference call on September 7 @ 9:

Lost in His presence and Love for our Cities,
C. Benjamin Anyacho
For the Statewide Convening team

Click here for report on CIR and pictures from the CIR.

Thank you & More Report:
Dear City-reachers:
On behalf on the Mission America Coalition’s CIR TX Statewide Convening
Team, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to
you all for your very active participation during the CIR. A BIG THANKS TO
ALL OUR PRESENTERS. I cannot thank you enough for your ingenuity
throughout the CIR conference and more importantly, bringing stakeholders
to the table. Rev. Phil Miglioratti and Mission America Coalition also pass on
their sincere appreciation the energy you all brought into the conference. You
made it happen! I have received several calls and emails from conferees
expressing how empowered, blessed and activated they were at the roundtable.
This is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our sight!
CIR 2004
comes to Austin,
July 27: Austin
Area Leadership
(Pastors &
July 28 & 29 TX
City Impact
Conference (CIR)
City Impact
ministers and
everyone with a
city-sized and
vision from cities
across Texas are
meeting in Austin
to pray and
discuss together
how “the whole
Church can work
together in
showing and
telling the whole
Gospel to the
whole City and
Date: Friday, July
28, 1:00PM &
Saturday, 9:00AM
July 29, 2005
Special Luncheon
on July 29, 11:
00AM; Register