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CIR 2004
CIR 2004
C. Benjamin Anyacho, MBA
Author,  revivalist, keynote speaker, Missionary,
and apostolic leader, facilitator, New Wine Gathering-new
wineskin church of Austin,Texas, United States
To Invite Benjamin call  512-663-4440 or 512-410-8508
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The global church is at the tipping point of a transforming revival. Discontentment has
turned to disillusionment with traditional religion, but mercy drops from God are awakening
the Church to its real need. Voraciously hungry and desperately thirsty souls yearn for
something they cannot identify....


“A generation looking for transformation—how will it come? This truth has been foremost
in my ministry, moving from revival into a transcended state of life. I was delighted to hear
this desire from the heart of a newly found friend—Benjamin Anyacho. Jump into this book,
wrestle through the frustration to fruitfulness. This book is like a portal to the next level.”
–Randy DeMain,
Kingdom Revelation Ministries, Inc.

“I personally know Pastor Benjamin Anyacho and I don't know any other person more
qualified to write about this topic. He is a man full of passion for God. Pastor Benjamin is
not just all about passion, he actually
pays the price to remain in the fire and anointing of the Holy Spirit, hence he remains fresh
in God at all time. When you meet Pastor Benjamin, you will feel you are touching the fire of
God, and I pray that this fire will be transferred to you by the means of this book. May the
Lord bless you!”
–Pastor Sunday Adelaja,
Senior Pastor of the largest church in Europe, The Embassy of the Blessed
Kingdom of God for All Nations, Kiev, Ukraine.

Forward by Dr. J. Doug Stringer

Just the title of C. Benjamin Anyacho’s book, “Thirsty, Give Me Bold, Fresh Wine: A Cry for
Sustainable Transforming Revival, Volume 1,” speaks of his passion.  As one who has
been involved in the transformation journey for well over two decades, I have found that
without a genuine hunger and thirst for the manifest presence of the Lord, we will not see
a sustainable transforming revival.

It is without a doubt that Benjamin has a desire to contend for that which is authentic and
lasting.  Institutions of men without the impartation of God have only produced much
information without revelation.  This leaves us with only a type of cosmetic Christianity,
much like costume jewelry-lots of shine with no real substance or value.  I find that
Benjamin's passion, expressed in his book, to be quite refreshing.

The Revivalist, Charles Finney, used to say that, "Revival is no more a miracle than a crop
of wheat."  Finney understood, as Benjamin Anyacho does now, that for any true and
sustainable transformational revival to become a reality, we must build upon kingdom
foundations and align ourselves with His purposes...not our own.  In every revival there
are those men and women who are willing to pay the price, with much personal sacrifice,
for foundations to be laid...that others can build upon.  These types of champions, like
Benjamin Anyacho, understand that God is not obligated to build on the programs of men,
but is attracted to those who cry out in humility and the beauty of holiness, with a
desperation and passion beyond themselves.  

Benjamin is not speaking from the high towers of theory, but has found himself seeking the
treasures of the kingdom from the place of a personal thirst for a Holy Spirit outpouring
upon the land.  From the crucibles of his own experiences to waiting upon the Lord in
intercession and worship, Benjamin challenges us with hopeful expectation for new wine,
fresh oil and Holy Spirit rain-both individually as well as corporately. Bold, fresh wine is
here. Thank you, Benjamin Anyacho, for expressing your life and sharing it with a thirsty
–Dr. J. Doug Stringer,
President/Founder, Somebody Cares America/Int'l and Turning Point
International, Houston, Texas.

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New Book coming out this fall...Pre-order your copy
Bold, Fresh Wine:
A cry for Sustainable Transforming Revival, Vol. 1
By C. Benjamin Anyacho
Foreword by
Dr. J Doug Stinger
Download Invite to the Book Launch
Book Launch is on Saturday, April 3,
2010, 11:00AM. Venue:
ABA Austin

Donate $14.99 to pre-order an autographed
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this incredible book. You are also supporting
Hope for African Widows and the Fatherless
Pre-order Today! To be released in a few

                                        A Cry for Sustainable Transforming Revival, Vol. 1

“Sincere Benjamin,” that's what we should call him. Determined, persevering and spiritually stubborn. May the words of his new book reflect these
virtues and inspire your journey. He will instruct you to go from spiritual social sipping to becoming an alcoholic.”
–Bishop Kenneth Phillips,
Bishop, The PromiseLand, Austin, Texas

“The awakening clarion call to sustainable transforming revival in this book by Apostle C. Benjamin Anyacho is the need of the hour in order to spark
off the fire of revival in the church today. I believe that the salient truth revealed in this book is the cry of the moment for genuine sustainable
transforming revival.”
–Dr. John Praise Daniel,
Presiding Bishop of Dominion Chapel International and Vice President, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria

“C. Benjamin Anyacho presents to us his heart masterfully displayed in his writing of this volume. “Bold, Fresh Wine, A Cry for Sustainable
Transforming Revival – Volume 1,” is a love letter straight from the heart of God to ignite our hearts in transforming revival. Desperation informs the
hunger for the meat of His presence. Effervescing vigor renders your heart refreshed as you read. This is not a stirring up of the old but an
insightful revelation of the bold, fresh and new wine. It bids us to drink deeply and often. Every lover and seeker after God should have this piece on
their bedside table, right beside their Bible.”
–Ras Robinson,
President, Fullness in Christ Ministries, Texas, Co-Author, Convergence of Quantum Physics, Scripture and Prophesy, and “What The Lord Is Saying

“Benjamin is one of the most passionate men for real revival that I have known. His experience in the workings of God in other countries and now in
the U.S. has well equipped him and earned him the right to address this same topic, “Sustainable Transforming Revival." In this must read book, he
goes beyond experience and brings the most needed revelation with practical application on how to see Bold, Fresh Sustainable Transformation in
all spheres of influence. Every God-seeker must have a copy of this book.”
–Jackson Senyonga,
Pastor/founder of the growing 40,000-member Christian Life Ministries and 1,000+ satellite churches throughout Uganda, Africa
and USA.

“Just as the Church is moving out of denominationalism, there is a new breed of writers emerging led by Benjamin Anyacho. He is writing to those of
us who are hungry for a real relationship with God and the Truth, not of old man-made rules limiting God, as God is unlimited. God is ready to
unleash you. He is ready for something big in the world. Anyacho presents a bold relationship with God, drinking in the “new wine” and God’s higher
calling crying out within each of us – who in our hearts want more. God wants something new. Break through old belief systems and receive “new
wine” in abundance. There is no limit to God. The way we have always done things needs to be fully re-examined. Why? Because our awesome
God is current and up to date, says Anyacho – not looking to just patch things up in you and I, but to make ALL THINGS NEW. Are you ready for a
new beginning in your life? Ready for an uplifting, spirit-moving, NON-GOD-LIMITING journey? Interested in unfettering God’s goodness?  I found
myself licking through the pages like the very last sips of a very fine vintage... you will savor every word Try pouring into this book.”
–Joe Pelayo,
Author of “Work Your Network!”

“This book is addressing the great cry in the heart of many in our world today. How the reality of CHRIST as revealed through the Holy Scriptures is
worked in our humanity. Thirsty, Give Me Bold, Fresh Wine is a bold step in the right direction to help the body of Christ enter the transforming reality
of the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
–Bishop Simon Iheanacho,
UK World Evangelism Trust, and Author, Deptford, London

“Benjamin’s passion for revival is not to be confused with the “flash-in-the-pan” movements that some call “revival.”  Revivals, in the sense of
sudden outpourings of the Spirit of God in a given time and location, can be a blessing, but the real question is, “Does the fruit remain?”  As Benjamin
points out, sadly this answer is often a resounding, “No!” Transformation comes as the presence of God invades a life, a church, a city, or a region,
not just on a temporary basis, but with any open invitation to remain.  It is the exploration of this transforming revival that makes Benjamin’s book a
valuable adjunct to the growing world-wide Christian expectation that God is preparing His Bride for its role as the harbinger of God’s Kingdom.”
–Dr. Tony Dale,
Author, Chairman and Founder, The Karis Group, Inc., Austin, Texas

“Thirsty, Give Me Bold, Fresh Wine is more than just a book of prayer for revival. In clear and compelling terms, Chinedum Benjamin Anyacho
insightfully provides practical scriptural guidance to help God’s people all over the world to develop a strong thirst for freshness and vitality in God’s
presence. This book is a must for those who yearn for an uncommon sustainable experience in this coming spiritual revival and revolution.”
–Rt. Rev. Stafford Sibige Nwaogu,
Presiding Bishop, Praise Centre Ministries World Wide, Owerri, Nigeria

“As a missionary from Africa, Benjamin Anyacho stands as a true voice for transformation in the twenty-first century. His passion for revival is
exhibited through his bold and contagious prayer life and fervent love of the saints. This revelatory book is a practical manual for everyone that
hungers and thirsts for the new wine; a must read for those who desire to understand and experience the third day reality.”
–Dr. Richard Eberiga,
Author and Founder of Christian Fortress International, Inc., San Antonio, Texas

“God does things in answer to prayer. Revivals have been sent because of the desperate cries of God’s saints. God’s response is usually
proportional to the depth of hunger and desperation in His children who cry to Him ‘day and night’. In this book, Pastor Ben Anyacho has shown the
connection between our desperate need and cry to God and God’s response to that. He has also shown, from his personal testimony, that God
does indeed answer prayers. I highly recommend this book and do pray it will be a blessing to the Church.”
–Hon. John Abraham Godson, Ph.D.,
Author, City Councilor, special adviser to the Polish government, and university teacher, Lodz, Poland.

“Benjamin Anyacho has written an important book for the Body of Christ facing enormous change in a new millennium.  While societal and religious
structures are shaking at the core of identity and relevance, his voice in this wilderness cries once again, ‘Make straight the way of the Lord!’
Benjamin's use of the 3rd day image of the miracle at Cana is right on the mark.  We must have new wine from new wineskins. This book reads
God's heart for a new season of powerful blessing and heavenly release!”
–The Rev. Dr. Jack Sheffield,
Author and Founder, Deep River Ministries, San Antonio, Texas

“I know Benjamin's quest for God, for visitation and revival and his honest appreciation to the American missionaries, whose sacrifice took the
gospel of Jesus to his home country, Nigeria. I hear his passion for sustainability in the Church, for there to be a movement, not just an experience; a
river, not just a pool. I hear his heart for something all Christians long for- the Word, the worship and the works of God permanently, consistently
and constantly. I am thirsty, please ‘Give Me Bold, New Wine.’”
–Dr. Juan Ramirez,
Founder of churches and various ministries in Mexico, America and Africa, Author, and evangelist, Austin, Texas

“Apostle C. Benjamin Anyacho is a true ambassador of Jesus Christ with a heart for the nations and for transforming revival to the Earth. A
transforming revival is one that is sustainable. Thirsty, Give Me Bold, Fresh Wine, is the hope of the Church of Jesus Christ today. The book is timely,
inspirational and informational, with deep and divine revelation. It is a must for all to read. Congratulations!”
–Dr. Juliana King,
Author, apostle, and seminary professor, Maryland

“Chinedum Benjamin Anyacho is indeed a missionary to America!   For almost 11 years I have seen personal purity, spiritual power and a contagious
passion for reformation in the Church and transformation in America define who this man of God is.  Bold, Fresh Wine, will powerfully fill you with
the same passion, hunger and thirst that is in him!  Bring it on!”
–Apostle Bob D. Long,
Rally Call Ministries, Austin, Texas

“Apostle Benjamin Anyacho has really exposed the heart of Jesus Christ for the end time harvest of souls through his new book on the cry, Thirsty,
Give Me Bold, Fresh Wine, which is the hope of the Church of Jesus Christ in this last day. In the book of Acts 2:12-13, it is said, “What meaneth
this? Others mocking said, ‘These men are full of new wine.’” This is talking about new wine, new fresh oil, a new vision, a new purpose of God for
this era that will manifest and be demonstrated on the Earth by a new generation, chosen by God in this last day. (2 Timothy 2:9-10.)
The generation that will be filled with this new wine must be the people who will not have anything to do with the old wine because 2 Corinthians 5:
17 says that old things are passed away, and behold, all things are become new. Are you among the chosen? Are you ready for the new wine? If
yes, then you must do away with the old so that the new wine will come. This book is full of revelation that will bring revolution on the Earth by God’
s wisdom and power. Congratulations!”
–Apostle Philip Joshua C. Amobi,
Set Man, Glory of God First Bible Church, World Outreach, Maryland/OHIO

“Brother Benjamin is focused on God and yearns to see revival spread across the United States in particular and to the world in general. As a
missionary to the United States, his zeal for God is unparalleled. Many missionaries have come to the United States of America only to be sucked in
by the American dream and the material glory of America.
In Bold, Fresh Wine: A Cry for Sustainable Transforming, Revival, Vol. 1, Pastor Benjamin has outlined some pathways in igniting the fresh fire of
God in people’s individual lives. I believe this book is a tool God can use to speak His heart to those who are truly seeking for REVIVAL. This book
should be put in the hands of the youth.”
–Dr. David Azenabor,
Author, Bishop, Church of God Mission International, Dallas, Texas

“This book is kingdom truth that will transition the church beyond destination and into the truth of kingdom journey.  Remember, truth is not a
destination but truth is a journey.”
–Apostle Pat Porter,
Author and President of Oil and Wine International Fellowship, Fort Smith, Arkansas

“Sustainability is a critical issue and often the missing ingredient in most initiatives - spiritual or otherwise. When it comes to God's Kingdom it is the
trend that is often missing because the church can get caught up in the emotion rather than the flow of the Spirit. New wine refreshes. At the right
time it will help sustain the fire of revival. This book provides the ‘setting of the table’ for future revivals that are imminent. When the table is ready,
God will be on time.”
–Dr. Richard Norris, MBA,
Author, Hartlepool, England

“Pastor Chinedum Benjamin Anyacho has written an inspiring, thought-provoking and much needed book on bold, fresh intimacy with God. This book
is a must-read for every Christian who truly desires to know, understand and do God's will.  I highly recommend it to the body of Christ.”
–Pastor John Ofoegbu,
Author, Founder and President of Unity for Africa Network (International Coalition of Reconcilers),
San Antonio, Texas

“The heart we have for God determines the height God will take us to in life. The heart of the matter is the matters of the heart. In our world where
there is a shift in emphasis, young ones are shouting in jubilation for the foundation laying, whereas the old men who saw the former foundation are
crying, here comes a timely compendium of a revival charge incubated in the throne of God from my childhood friend - one of the greatest revivalists
and motivators of our time, Benjamin Chinedum Anyacho. Bold, Fresh Wine is a must-read for everyone.”
–Rev. Bethel Nwanebu,
Author and pastor, Assemblies of God Nigeria

“Benjamin is a man of focused passion. I resonate with his desire to bring the body of Christ together as an expression of our unity in the Spirit. His
tireless efforts in his city have brought many to the table for dialogue, prayer and collaboration. Our cities need strong voices that call for the whole
Church to find ways to serve together in taking the whole gospel to the whole city.”
–Pastor Phil Miglioratti,
National Pastors' Prayer Network, Chicago, IL

“Apostle Benjamin is a leading figure not only in Austin, Texas, but also in Africa. Bold, Fresh Wine will help you grow personally and spiritually.
Read it and succeed.”
–Rev. Larry Mishael,
Author, Founder Praise Tabernacle Churches, Nigeria

“This book emphasizes the need of the Church to unify and increase our hunger for God.”
   –Dr. Ronald Bell,
Pip Start, Austin, Texas
                             Table of Contents
We Are Out of Wine
Was Jesus Tardy at Cana?        
The Party is Over When the Wine Runs Out        
Prayer Confession        
 Chapter 2        
Restoring the Hearts of the Fathers to the Sons        
As a Missionary to the United States        
My Testimony of Divine Healing from Malaria        
Prayer Confession        
God is Restoring Sons to Their Fathers and Fathers to Their Sons.        
Prayer Confession        
Chapter 3        
Dissatisfaction With the Status Quo        
When You Try the Best, You Realize That You Want Little or Nothing to do With the Rest.        
Not Spiritual Activism!        
Jesus on the Pots of Water        
The King Has One More Move        
One More Move by the King to Awaken America and the World        
It’s Injury Time and We Have to Score a Goal!        
 Chapter 4        
There is a New Epoch                                                                                    
Our Hunger for a Bold Fresh New Wine Has Reached Heaven!        
Hunger and Desperation are the Rules of the Game        
We have to rethink our strategy        
Hungry for God        
    Chapter 5        
New Hunger and Desperation for the New Wine        
If you are thirsty, cry out!        
Prayer Confession        
Mary’s Desperation--the Desperation of a Grandmother        
Chapter 6
Like Never Before!        
New wine is about relevance        
God is an unchangeable changer        
Prayer Confession
The Tidal Wave is about to Hit!        
Timing is everything        
Prayer Confession        
     Chapter 7        
The Need Exceeds the Importance of Time        
Time of Accelerated “Suddenlies.”        
Legalistic people hate change        
Prayer Confession        
The Process of the New Wine
 Chapter 8        
Revelational Relationship: Mary on Relationship
Love is a function of genuine relationship    
New Wine Miracle facilitating principles        
“Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.”        
Prayer Confession        
Preparing for the Fresh Wine Blessing (John 2:1-11)
Chapter 9
Greatness is Available
Prepare for the New Wine
I am thirsty for fresh wine means Change        
Prayer Confession        
Taste of the New Wine
Fresh New Wine is the Center of Attraction
Break the Traditions of Men
Filled the pots to the “brim”
Prayer Confession with Job 12: 14- end (NAS)
Prayer confession
Recognizing the outpouring of the Fresh Bold Wine
Chapter 10
Bold, Fresh Wine—Aroma of Real Wine
Prayer Confession.
New wine preserves a people
We are out of wine because the old wine is no longer fashionable
Bold, Fresh new wine is for outside the box minds
Is anything wrong with the old wineskin?
“You cannot create the future using the old strategy tools” Gary Hamel
 Chapter 11        
The Stage for Kingdom Church
New City Church
Prayer Confession.
Jesus, I enthrone you as the Lord over my life today. You are Lord over this city and nation.
Africa is Thirsty for the new wine
Prayer confession
Governors Know and Recognize the New Wine
Chapter 12        
Demystifying Expectation and Preparation
God is always on time, never late
Looking Forward, “The Cry for Transforming Revival 2”
                                                             About the Author

Chinedum Benjamin Anyacho

Chinedum Benjamin Anyacho is a Nigerian born missionary living in Austin, Texas, USA since 1999. He is an intercessor,
revivalist, bridge builder, outside-the-box thinker, entrepreneur, business strategist, keynote speaker, talk show host,
community leader, adjunct professor, pastor, and an apostolic leader. He is the founder and executive director of
Apostolic Bridge Builders, Inc., which facilitates, connects, and networks hundreds of businesses, churches, and non-
profit organizations in Texas for city and regional transformation since 2002 through city impact roundtables, and citywide
prayer gatherings. Benjamin hears the sound of an abundance of sustainable, transforming revival rain in Austin area
and around the world. He has convened several strategic gatherings of Austin area elders, apostolic leaders, prophets
and intercessors since 2002 towards the next move of God.

Currently, he pastors and oversees two “new wine gathering” churches in Austin, Texas, and is an Adjunct instructor at
Park University and ITT Technical Institute, both in Austin, Texas. He is also a corporate crisis management consultant at
Able J Resources & Consulting. He is the founder of emerging great Leaders and Thinkers (www.LeadersandThinkers.
org) and is a weekly radio/TV talk show co-host at Austin Arise! Transforming Revival Radio and TV with Benjamin
Anyacho and Barbara Bucklin since July 2007. Anyacho has fostered dozens of strategic partnerships among community
leaders, media, compassion and transformational leaders- locally and globally.

Anyacho, then Njoku, was the president of Students’ Union (SGA) at Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Nigeria from 1993-
1995, twice sub-zonal (State) president of Nigerian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (NIFES), 1989 and 1993; co-
pastor at Prayerlink Evangelical Ministry, Abuja; a founding pastor, Praise Tabernacle International, Owerri, Nigeria.
He is a certified Restorative Therapist and crisis chaplain, and Texas family wellness instructor, holds Higher National
Diploma (B.Sc. equivalent) in Banking & Finance from Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Nigeria; BBA and MBA from St.
Edward's University, Austin, Texas, USA.

C. Benjamin is married to Charlotte and they are blessed with two beautiful kids, Benjamin Dubanuba and Amara.
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