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bridge for diverse city-
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CIR 2004
CIR 2004
C. Benjamin Anyacho, MBA
Author, Missionary, and apostolic leader, Facilitator,
New Wine Gathering-new wineskin church of Austin,
Texas, United States



The global church is at the tipping point of a transforming revival. Discontentment has
turned to disillusionment with traditional religion, but mercy drops from God are awakening
the Church to its real need. Voraciously hungry and desperately thirsty souls yearn for
something they cannot identify. Though they may not yet know what will satisfy, it is God’s
presence they long for. Like a mother who knows the cry of her baby and quickly
responds, so God hastens at the voice of His child.
Each trusting cry ripples upward to the God Who hears—hope does not disappoint. We are
approaching a critical mass of collective prayer that will soon touch our Father’s heart and
move Him to pour out repentance and revival like the world has never known.  
  A look at past revivals informs us of many things—common preconditions and our need
for revival is seen all the more when His presence comes and changes everything. There
are examples of great things that happened from past revivals like salvation and changes in
society and culture. Along with these, unfortunately, revival also is a time of division and
denominationalisms to many. Some old ways must pass away. Unfortunately, not many
embrace the changes required. This creates a rift between those who want the change of
bold, fresh wine and those who are unhappy about change.
This rift however, is not the worst effect of revival—lack of sustainability is. History
records that in addition to paradigm shifts, there are diverse demonstrations of the
presence and power of God. This is good; however, the hardest thing about revival is
knowing how to turn it into a sustainable transformation. Jesus taught us that the soil that
produces most quickly has no ability to endure the test of time.
  Since the book of Acts, the last 2000 years have seen a few fingerprints in most of the
places where God has poured out revival. The Azusa Street revival which ended in
roughly 1909 may be an exception. For the past 100 years, there have been pockets of
revivals born out of this outpouring.  However, Martin Luther set the limit of influence from a
revival to thirty years, and Isaac Taylor set it at fifty. Rarely does revival last beyond a
generation. In fact, after a few years, some places appeared to be worse than they were
before God’s move. The recent memory may as well be the Lakeland Revival or Florida
Healing Outpouring, which began on April 2, 2008, with Evangelist Todd Bentley of Fresh
Fire Ministries and lasted for about 8 months.
Think of the national revival in the biblical Nineveh, brought on through the prophesies of
Jonah; that repentance was short-lived. In 612 B.C. Nineveh was swept away by an
overwhelming flood of God’s judgment because of her rebellion (Nahum 1:8). “What started
with a pattern of revelation ends by the process of crystallization, terminating in
secularization” (Edwin Louis Cole, 1992). Why?
  For decades, numerous servants of God have prophesied about the soon-coming revival.
Prophets like William Seymour, who lead the Azusa Street revival, declared that a great
revival would occur 100 years after the Azusa outpouring that ended 1909. I am thirsty for
a sustainable transforming revival that will change the culture, land and peoples of the
world and set the Kingdom of our God and His Son on top of the mountain. I need a wine
that is new every morning. Bold, fresh wine is necessary for a sustainable transforming

“God has privileged us in Christ Jesus to live above the ordinary human plane of life. Those
who want to be ordinary and live on a lower plane can do so, but as for me, I will not”
Smith Wigglesworth (2000).

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Give Me Bold, Fresh Wine:
A cry for Sustainable Transforming
Revival, Vol. 1
By C. Benjamin Anyacho
Missionary in the Austin, Texas, USA
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                                     Table of Contents
We Are Out of Wine
Was Jesus Tardy at Cana?        
The Party is Over When the Wine Runs Out        
Prayer Confession        
 Chapter 2        
Restoring the Hearts of the Fathers to the Sons        
As a Missionary to the United States        
My Testimony of Divine Healing from Malaria        
Prayer Confession        
God is Restoring Sons to Their Fathers and Fathers to
Their Sons.        
Prayer Confession        
Chapter 3        
Dissatisfaction With the Status Quo        
When You Try the Best, You Realize That You Want Little
or Nothing to do With the Rest.        
Not Spiritual Activism!        
Jesus on the Pots of Water        
The King Has One More Move        
One More Move by the King to Awaken America and the
It’s Injury Time and We Have to Score a Goal!        
 Chapter 4        
There is a New
Our Hunger for a Bold Fresh New Wine Has Reached
Hunger and Desperation are the Rules of the Game        
We have to rethink our strategy        
Hungry for God        
    Chapter 5        
New Hunger and Desperation for the New Wine        
If you are thirsty, cry out!        
Prayer Confession        
Mary’s Desperation--the Desperation of a
Chapter 6
Like Never Before!        
New wine is about relevance        
God is an unchangeable changer        
Prayer Confession
The Tidal Wave is about to Hit!        
Timing is everything        
Prayer Confession        
                                  Chapter 7        
The Need Exceeds the Importance of Time        
Time of Accelerated “Suddenlies.”        
Legalistic people hate change        
Prayer Confession        
The Process of the New Wine
 Chapter 8        
Revelational Relationship: Mary on Relationship
Love is a function of genuine relationship    
New Wine Miracle facilitating principles        
“Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.”        
Prayer Confession        
Preparing for the Fresh Wine Blessing (John 2:1-11)
Chapter 9
Greatness is Available
Prepare for the New Wine
I am thirsty for fresh wine means Change        
Prayer Confession        
Taste of the New Wine
Fresh New Wine is the Center of Attraction
Break the Traditions of Men
Filled the pots to the “brim”
Prayer Confession with Job 12: 14- end (NAS)
Prayer confession
Recognizing the outpouring of the Fresh Bold Wine
Chapter 10
Bold, Fresh Wine—Aroma of Real Wine
Prayer Confession.
New wine preserves a people
We are out of wine because the old wine is no longer
Bold, Fresh new wine is for outside the box minds
Is anything wrong with the old wineskin?
“You cannot create the future using the old strategy tools”
Gary Hamel
 Chapter 11        
The Stage for Kingdom Church
New City Church
Prayer Confession.
Jesus, I enthrone you as the Lord over my life today. You
are Lord over this city and nation.
Africa is Thirsty for the new wine
Prayer confession
Governors Know and Recognize the New Wine
Chapter 12        
Demystifying Expectation and Preparation
God is always on time, never late
Looking Forward, “The Cry for Transforming Revival 2”