Our mission is to be a
"true bridge builder"
among different
expressions of Christ
for God's kingdom in
the earth. Kingdom
collaboration for city,
regional & national
awakening and
transforming revival.
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Fri. Feb. 8, 2008 9:13 PM  
bridge for diverse city-
impacting  flavors for
united prayer and
regional transforming

The coming Great Awakening in Austin and Texas!

All the great outpourings of the past have had their outstanding truths. Martin Luther’s truth was Justification by
Faith. Wesley's was Sanctification. The Baptists taught the per-millennial coming of Christ. The Missionary
Alliance taught Divine Healing. The Pentecostal outpouring has restored the Baptism of the Holy Ghost to its
rightful place.

Nevertheless, the next great outpouring is going to be marked by all these other truths plus such a
demonstration of all the gifts of the Spirit as the world and the Church has never witnessed before. This next
great awakening or transforming revival will blow out of alignment some of us who are still denominational
connoisseur. God is defacing religion and religiosity without power! The city church is emerging. It's giving way
for the regional national church-for the kingdom church.

How to know some of the old wine skins in 2007 and 2008 is any attempt to continue to build around one’s self
and rebuilding the denominational walls that are falling because of the massive move of unity in the body of
Christ. The Rapture of the Church is drawing closer—our salvation draws closer than when we first believed.
Don’t be caught off guard. Move with the cloud of glory!
Austin Timeline ~ See what's happening in Austin area this Fall!
Click here for What God is doing @ UT Austin, 152 colleges, clubs and communities are reached in 2007

October 28 - Dec. 1
Light the Highway  (Highway of
Holiness - Isaiah 35:8 Initiative
Prayers at Promiseland,

Listen to
Austin Arise! Radio
with Barbara Bucklin &
C. Benjamin Anyacho,

Sundays @ 8:00PM, FM
99.3 & 98.5
Call: 512-538-4544

Invitation to New Wine Gathering~new
wineskin Church in Austin
If you do not have a local assembly, join or
visit us this Sunday, 10:30AM @ 600 Round
Rock West Drive #601 - Round Rock, TX
(512) 538-4544)
Get directions, call 512-538-4544 (New
Wednesdays @ 7:00PM, call for venue.
New Wine Austin
More than Church as usual!

For more Austin regional events, visit

Randy DeMain Comes to
Austin, Texas
Randy DeMain
DATE: Sunday, Oct 21,2007
TIME: 6:00pm
LOCATION: Cathedral of Praise
(COP), Tarlton Lane Austin,
Texas 78746
Direction to COP
Admission is free!
More About Breakthrough
Revival Evening
Randy DeMain

New Wine Austin or call
(512) 538-4544. Hosts: New
Wine Gathering & COP

Sun Feb 24 Rally Call National Intercession
inside Texas Capitol Auditorium in TX
State Capitol
Time: 3 PM  Detail: Visit www.rallycall.net
Bob Long & Int’l Leadership Embassy

Seek God for the City Prayer
project has started. The City of
Austin will be covered in prayers
24/7 from Feb. 6, Ask
Wednesday to Easter. Sign your
Church up today. Call Barbara
Bucklin @ 512-261-3091

New Book: ChurchShift by Sunday Adelaja
: Feb. 8, 200
LOCATION: Amazon.com
MORE: www.churchshift.org or
Pastor Sunday Adeleja pastors
30,000-member Embassy of God Church in
Kiev, Ukraine, which is the largest church in
Europe, recorded two million new converts,
600 church plants in over 35 nations in 12
year.  Wow! He is the guest to FM 99.3 & 98.5
on Friday, 2/8/08 from 4-6PM; Austin Arise!
Radio Sunday 2-10-08, 8:00PM


  • Ukraine's "newsmaker of the year"
  • By age 33, Pastor Sunday had built the
    largest evangelical church in Europe
  • The 99.9% European church is the
    largest group of Caucasians in the
    world with a black leader-a Nigerian
  • At age 38, he helped win Ukraine's
    democracy through the Orange
  • He is credited with wrestling a nation
    away from communism using Gospel-
    Kingdom principles of national
    transformation by spearheading a
    peaceful political and social revolution
  • Pastor Sunday stepped out of the four
    walls of the church
  • At age 40, Pastor Sunday's greatest
    burden is to mobilize 10,000 churches
    in the United States and 100,000
    churches worldwide that will SHIFT how
    church is done in the 21st Century to
    bring national transformation.
  • He is a co-chair of Billion Souls Initiative
  • "Pastor Sunday is a young old man:
    young because of his age of less than
    forty years old, old because at such a
    young age, he has known what old men
    like me know and has been able to
    accomplish what many old men like me
    have not been able to do."-T. L. Osborn

Here's what presidents and world leaders are
saying about the ministry of this 21st century
Apostle, Sunday Adelaja. Endorsements.

More: visit www.ChurchShift.org or                

PUSH All-Night Prayer
This is my personal
invitation for you to join us
again to PUSH.
Date: Friday, Feb. 29,
Venue: Austin Baptist
Time: 10:00PM - 6:00AM

Tues April 22 3rd Annual Prayer Summit: Prayer onsite and
teams leave to pray offsite over all 7 city gates
(business/ gov’t/ educ./ media/ arts/ family/ church)
Venue: Austin Baptist Assoc. (1016 E. 38 ½ St, 1 bl. W of I35)
Time: 10 AM-8 PM
Come & go as you please.
Details on CALENDAR at www.AustinCBN.org
Email to pray offsite even if you can’t attend: info@AustinCBN.org

Global Day Of Prayers
Date: Sunday, May 11, 2008
Sunday, May 11, 2008. See
Join with millions of
Christians worldwide to
pray on the Global Day of
       City Impact
Roundtable (CIR)
  • Transforming Revival: How far
    are we?
  •    Better Communication
  •   Stronger Connection
  •    Transforming Revival:
  •  Genuine Collaboration in
    Austin area.
Date: Saturday,August 2
Time: 10:00AM to 4:00PM
Venue: Austin International
Transformation Center
4004 Burch Drive, Del Valle.  
(About  2 miles from ABIA-Airport)
Registration: Free, Lunch is $10
Call 512-538-4544 or Sign Up Now online!

Pastor Sunday Adelaja is coming to
Austin & San Antonio again for a 2-day
November 2008.
He was here April 16 & 17, 2008  
 ChurchShift  and  80+ other
October 5, 2008
Apostolic Prophetic Gathering
Sat. October 4, 2008;
8:00AM to 12:00 noon
The Promiseland Church, 1504 E.
51st, Austin, TX 78723
Apostles and Prophets in Austin area
gather to hear what God is saying
over the region. Warning: Too hot to
handle! Free admission.