2006 Texas regional
City Impact Roundtable Conference (CIR) was held on July 28-29, 2006
Pastor Francis Frangipane as keynote speaker; Bishop John Praise Daniel, presenting; Rev.
Phil Miglioratti moderating, and others. About 160 ogrganization/churches/ministries across
Texas were in attendance. We had more than 400 leaders at the Transformational Unity Night
that preceded the conference. To God be the glory!
CIR 2004
CIR 2006

THEME: Pray, Care and share in City-reaching.
Convening Team/supporters: More than 40 Church/Marketplace organizations across
CIR 2005
CIR is a peer-to-peer
meeting of Christian
leaders who are prayerfully
seeking the unity of the
Church for holistic
evangelism, the revival,
and renewal of the Church,
leading to a radical cultural
awakening and
transformation of lands and
peoples. In short,
connecting different
kingdom-minded flavors to
reach the whole city.
CIR 2004
Francis Frangipane
comes to Austin,
Thursday, July 27:
Austin Area
Unity Night @
of the Hills Cedar
Parks, TX (for
& Leaders).
July 28 & 29 TX City
Impact Roundtable
Conference (CIR)
City Impact Roundtable
Pastors, marketplace
ministers and everyone with a
city-sized and kingdom-
centered vision from cities
across Texas are meeting in
Austin to pray and discuss
together how “the whole
Church can work together in
showing and telling the whole
Gospel to the whole City and
Date: Friday, July 28, 1:00PM &
Saturday, 9:00AM July 29, 2005
Special Luncheon on July 29,
11:00AM; Register now online.
CIR 2006 Sponsorship
This year, there are three
categories of sponsors: Bronze,
Silver and Gold sponsors’
logos/names are printed on the
conference flyers/programs and
power point presentation  through
out the conference.
If you like your Church, ministry,
business or organization to be a
sponsor, respond today before the
conference flyers and programs
are published.

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CIR 2006 Sponsorship
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Developing a Vision & Vital Partnerships to Penetrate, Saturate & Impact the Eight Sectors of our
Communities with the Love and Presence of Jesus Christ!

During 2005 CIR, we had Testimonies from

Dr. Abraham Perez , Bishop of Unified Pentecostal Local Church Intl.,  Snr. Pastor, Ebenezer Family Worship Ctr.  Austin.
The Honorable Edna Staudt, Justice of the Peace, Precinct Two, Williamson County, Texas
Curtis Simpson CEO of K4C, Inc. , Austin,
Ron Hicks, CEO of Vital Needs Intl, San Antonio
Rev. David Smith, Executive Director of  Austin Baptist Association, Austin.
Rebecca Sutter RN, MSN  University Educator, Student Nurses Christian Fellowship Coordinator
Dr. Mary Lou Adams  PhD, RN, CS, FNP. University Educator,   Cancer Prevention and  Control.
Shannon Jones III  MA Assistant  Director of  Public Health.
Dr. Noel Roebuck, DDS, Manos de Cristo (Hands of Christ). , Elder at First Presbyterian Church, Austin.
Dr Juan Ramirez,  Pator, Grupo Nueva Vida International Christian Center
Joan Bond, president, Women’s Neighborhood Prayer Intl., San Antonio.
Laurie Huffman, director, Boarder Prayer Network (Target 7 Ministries/ CIR for Border Leaders), El Paso.
Evelyn Davidson, publisher of The Good News Journal and Central TX Coordinator, National Day of Prayers
Council Member Danny Thomas, Mayor Pro tempore, Austin
And other veteran city-reachers from cities across Texas.

2006 City Impact Roundtable Conference (CIR) in Austin (for Texas region),
Francis Frangipane;  Dr. John Praise Daniel from Abuja, Nigeria; Phil Miglioratti, & others
Friday July 28 and Saturday, July 29, 2006.

There is an unusual growth of  the city-reaching-city-impacting streams in North America and across the globe.
Strong citywide/regional churches, ministries and marketplace networks with a kingdom-size vision of global evangelism are
emerging into the scene. They are compassionate. They are team players. They are sharing too. They are not another prayer
ministry; but a house of prayer for all nations. They keep it simple. Pray. Care. Share. New wineskin for new wine!

There is an emergence of City Churches and city-reaching organizations all across Texas; such inspire our spirits, stir our creative
juices, and motivate us to take action. Big or small, it’s a kingdom-size Church and marketplace ministries. A people on the cutting
edge of what God is doing now.

City Churches facilitate unity in “The Church”, they break out of the Church ghettos into the community, break down racial barriers and
break out of the status quo and release men and women God has called into their calling and ministry. They network and
collaborate. They thank God and support women in leadership. They are enthusiast of ministry of reconciliation, creativity, revival and
spiritual awakening and City transformation.

Mission America Coalition gathers leaders regionally and across North America in a roundtable each year. This is the forth annual
regional CIR in Austin, TX. Christian leaders including Pastors, marketplace ministers and everyone with a city-sized and kingdom-
centered vision from cities across Texas shall meet as we have done in the pervious years, in Austin, to pray and discuss together,
how “the whole Church can work together in showing and telling the whole Gospel to the whole City and beyond.”  2006 City Impact
Roundtable Conference (CIR) shall be held between July 28 and 29 in Austin at the beautiful Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game
Ranch and Pavilion, Austin. This ranch and conference center is one of the best conference ranches/centers in TX. It’s going to be a
treat! Our team is Pray, Care and share in City-reaching.

Rev. Phil Miglioratti, the leader of National Pastors Prayer Network will facilitate the two-day roundtable meeting which is put together
by a network of statewide convening team, facilitated by C. Benjamin Anyacho in Austin. Last year’s CIR conference was attended by
about 130 leaders from more than 90 networks, churches/ministries and businesses, including elected officials. This year, CIR will
be kick off with a pre-conference Transformational Unity Night for leaders of Networks, denominations, pastors and church workers,
city-reachers, marketplace ministers, elected officials, at
Church of the Hills, Cedar Park, TX, Thursday, July 27, 7:00PM. Speaker:
Francis Frangipane.  Worship will lead by COTH worhip team.

This conference provides a rare opportunity to connect meaningfully with men and women with practical, real-world passion for what
we see God’s Spirit doing in defined geographical contexts in Texas.  We can Pray, Care and Share in City-reaching.  We are
committed and desperate to see an outbreak of God in our cities across Texas:  Full-blown city/regional transformation!  We ask both
city-reaching/transformation practitioners and strategic thinkers to invest twenty-four hours stepping outside the “religious box” of
what has been, and envision how God might want us to increase Kingdom impact in our communities, cities, and regions of Texas.  

Event: City Impact Roundtable Conference (CIR)

Date: Friday and Saturday, July 28 & 29, 2006

Time: 1:00PM on Friday and 9:00AM, on Saturday

Venue: Texas Disposal Systems Exotic Game Ranch and Pavilion, (TDS), located between Austin and Buda.

Audience: City-Reaches across TX

Moderator: Pastor Phil Miglioratti, National Pastors’ Prayer Networks

Speakers: Pastor Francis Frangipane, Bishop John Praise Daniel form Abuja, Nigeria and others

Registration Form

Event: Austin Area Transformational Unity Night with Francis Frangipane

Date: Thursday, July 27, 2006

Time: 6:00PM

Venue: Church of the Hills, Cedar Park, TX

Audience: Pastors, leaders, intercessors, marketplace leaders

Speakers: Pastor Francis Frangipane.

Cost: Free, only freewill offering.

Biography of Francis Frangipane

Francis Frangipane is currently serving as the senior leader of River of Life Ministries in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He and his wife,
Denise, reside near Cedar Rapids and have five grown children. Francis has been instrumental in uniting thousands of pastors from
various denominational and racial backgrounds in hundreds of cities. With over a million copies of his best-selling books in print,
and with an expanding Internet and TV ministry called "In Christ’s Image," he is in much demand worldwide. In addition, he is the
founder of In Christ’s Image Training, which is an online school that is currently reaching to students in over 50 nations. His weekly
email message is received and distributed to thousands. A frequent guest to Christian television, Pastor Francis is anointed to bring
the likeness of Christ to those who hear him.

Francis Frangipane is the author of the following publications:

The Three Battlegrounds: an in-depth view of three arenas of spiritual warfare: the mind, the church and the heavenly places.

Holiness, Truth, and the Presence of God: a powerful and penetrating study of the human heart and how God prepares it for His glory.

This Day We Fight: exhorts the Church to break off the bondage of a passive spirit. As we stand at the cusp of a major spiritual
awakening in our land, the Holy Spirit is ready to impart a fresh anointing to God's people--an anointing that will activate the "war
mode" in your heart.

The Power of One Christlike Life: a hopeful message that will cause you to drop your stones, fall to your knees, and intercede with
love and mercy on behalf of sinners.

The House of the Lord: a challenging and inspirational look at the Lord's view of the church and its commission to turn cities toward

The Stronghold of God: an uplifting companion to those who are serious about walking in God's fullness during these difficult days.

The Power of Covenant Prayer: takes the reader to a position of victory over witchcraft and curses.

The Days of His Presence: a fresh, powerful view into the destiny of the church at the end of this age.

In Christ’s Image Basic Training Manuals: Christlikeness, Humility, Prayer and Unity.  Perfect for leadership teams, prayer groups,
Bible studies and individuals who are seeking to possess a more Christlike life.  

Pastor Francis also is a contributor to Charisma, Morningstar Journal and other magazines.

City Impact Roundtable Conference 2006 Conference Format
The City Impact Roundtable Conference brings together pastors, teachers, evangelist, prophets, apostles, marketplace leaders,
ministries, veteran city practitioners and local city/regional officials to earnestly seek God and process together the challenges of
implementing functional models of the "city church" that have measurable, transformational impact in defined communities, cities
and geographic areas.

CIR is a peer-to-peer learning community, a virtual mosaic of personalities and city-reaching approaches. This diversity is
intentional, and healthy. At this gathering, we have purposed not to plan formal inputs or "BIG" teachings. Leaders from numerous
city-reaching models will be in the mix. We use a design with an open format that will allow us to honestly and freely process issues
together, bring our intercessory burdens to the Lord, build more meaningful and purposeful relationships, and discover what's really
on the city impact pad in this watershed season in Texas and our various cities.

What happened during the last three years' CIR in Austin is building-block  for a wider CIR this year for anyone involved in the city-
reaching/ transformation paradigm.

All conference participants are expected to take an active role in this conference that will be a "shirt-sleeve" working roundtable
focused on discerning and implementing collaborative evangelism in our cities. What's working? What are we finding truly effective
penetrating a culture increasingly ambivalent or resistant to the gospel? What national, state, regional and city resources are
available? How do we do a better job of releasing a kingdom synergy when practitioners, pastors, denominations and evangelistic
organizations work more intentionally together? How do we get beyond competing for the same "market share" of souls, and make
Christ known more effectively to our culture and subcultures?

We invite you to CIR 2006.  CIR is a valuable forum developing Vision and Vital Partnerships to Penetrate, Saturate, and Impact all
Sectors of our Communities with the Love and Presence our lord Jesus Christ!

Serving Him through serving others,

C. Benjamin Anyacho

For the Statewide CIR convening Team.

Thanks to our 2005 table sponsors:

Texas Disposal System
Victory Christian Center
K4C, Inc.
St. Luke Missionary Baptist Church
Venture Advisers
Say It Well/Christian Business Network
The Good News Journal
Mission Round Rock
Common Good International
FM 106.7 Power FM
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Central Texas Chapter

Luke 4: 18 Ministries
Austin Baptist Association
Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Jesus Day
Host Ministries/Austin Brethren Church
Church of The Hills
Central Baptist Church
Austin Christian Disciple Resources
Apostolic Bridge Builders
And over 40 supporters and Conveners

Report of 2003 CIR in Austin , see CIR 2004 Photos                      


What Is City Impact Roundtable?

A: CIR is a national effort  held in cities across North America this summer and fall. Christian leaders with a city-sized and

kingdom-centered vision from cities across Texas are meeting in Austin  to pray and discuss together how “the whole Church can
work together in showing and telling the whole Gospel to the whole city and beyond.”

A: Brainchild of MAC. The first roundtable conference in the Austin region was last year. Apostolic Bridge Builders, with a team of
several other kingdom-centered ministries/churches and organizations brought leaders to the table for prayer, outreach-focused
fellowship to create trust and establish partnership and collaboration.

A: Christian leaders with a city-sized and kingdom-centered vision meeting to pray and discuss together how the whole Church can
work together in showing and telling the whole Gospel to the whole city and beyond.

A: A huge opportunity to establish new Christ-centered partnerships across
lines that currently divide us, increasing trust, leading to collaborative outreach affecting cities positively.
A· Your invitation to meet with other kingdom-driven city-reachers across Texas
Q: What is Mission America?
A: An unprecedented cooperative effort of some 500 national Christian leaders who have prayerfully come together to help unite
Christians for prayer, evangelism and revival.
A: Comprised of leaders of 80+ denominations and over 350 Christian ministries. Honorary chairs: Mrs. Vonette Bright (Campus
Crusade for Christ), Dr. Billy Graham (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) and Dr. John Perkins (Christian Community
Development Association.)
How can I find out more? www.missionamerica.org  www.cityreaching.com www.nppn.org

How do I register?

You have 4 choices for registration:

1. Mail your check, made out to ABA or Austin Baptist Association to:

Austin Baptist Association, 1061 East. 38½ Street, Austin, TX 78751

2. Register online at http://www.citytransformers.com/cir.htm

3. Register by email - abb@citytransformers.com Send an email with your name, address, phone number

4. Register by phone - (512) 454-2558 or (512) 751-9191Provide your name, address, phone number.


The Mission America Coalition is an unprecedented cooperative effort of some 500 national Christian leaders who have prayerfully
come together to help unite Christians for prayer, evangelism and revival. Honorary co-chairs of the Coalition are Mrs Bright (Campus
Crusade for Christ), Dr. Billy Graham (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) and Dr. John Perkins (Christian Community
Development Association).

Comprised of the leaders of 80-plus denominations and over 350 Christian ministries, MAC calls for active participation in The Great
Commission to "go into all the world and preach the Gospel, making disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19) and The Great
Commandment "Love the Lord your God and . . . Love your neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:37,39).

Austin Area
Conference on
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